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14 year old Miles has been waiting for years for an eevee and his Uncle finally got one for him. But, thanks to the crabby Pikachu, Pika, he comes in late and finds out his impatient uncle gave it away to his arch rival, Trey. He is left with a very clingy Charmander insted. Will Miles ever get his own eevee? Will he be as good as his idol, Saih Lasot? What happens when he starts to travel with his rival's sisiter? Read the dang comic to find out! XP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My art style in this comic will probably change every chapter or something so please be patient! T_T I'm a newb in pokemon so I will get somethings completly wrong and I apologize before hand. This is also probably the first time I've ever drawn pokemon so it will suck for a while. CURRENTLY ON HIATUS IN ORDER TO WORK ON THE STORY BEFORE! CHECK IT OUT! Pokemon: Skyward

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OMG wow


May 1st, 2009, 12:41 am

Hey! XD Contest is over (finally!!) and there are 3 entries ^^ To you might not be much but I am totally happy with this!!! X3 I was planning on judging it but I thought it would be more fair if people vote lol ^^ I will put the poll up as soon as possible! If it's not there when you checked then check again later!! Also the first poll has ended and last time I checked, Jet's Abra was the most popular character but I have a weird suspision that there were double votes or something... >_> Hmmmmm...
Anyway! I will try to get that out of the way for ya and get the new poll up! Oh! But Briteeyez7 wins default for the fan section! XD Congrats lol! There will be a vote on Bokurano and houstanangelz's characters for the trainer section!! XD Thanks again ppl!!

Don't forget, just because Rise is on hiatus doesn't mean it's dead!! >D Keep watching and I might put it filler pics and maybe silly filler comics but I would really appreciate it if people could draw fanart! ^^ I know, there's not much much hey! Imagination!!! XD MUAHAHAHAH!! lol sorry! anyway, thanks everyone who keeps watching!! XD Check out Skyward when you got the chance! Gunna post some new pages soon!

Pokemon: Skyward is up

April 28th, 2009, 10:10 pm

Yo! ^^ Sorry for making Rise suddenly Hiatus and making everyone wait and probably forget it ^^" Anyway, I put the comic up but I only have the cover right right now lol ^^" I still need to finish some pages before putting them up lol. Yeah, coloring is a B**** =_=" *sigh* If anyone is willing to color for me that'd be great ^^

Oh! Back to the point! The comic is sorta up so check out it out! ^^ (just the cover but meh -_-")

But I might put some random Rise related pics up here if you keeping watching it! >w< Also! I would greatly appreciate fanart (though no one would care for such a pointless pokemon comic... T_T) for fillers and don't forget to turn those entries in (if you were bored enough to do it... T^T) and thank you to the poeple who actually did one!! <(TwT)> They made me so happy! Check out the polls if you have the time and the will to lol XD Anyway, thank you people who actually read this comic and I hope I can entertain you all for the time being!

Ja Ne

P.S. Generic battle ideas, contest ideas, any ideas would be greatly appreciated! If you have anything, I would like you to PM on Smackjeeves or DA your ideas and I will concider them! XD My DA account is also Blackwolf008 and here is the link:

Be warned if you look through my gallery! There might be spoilers for Rise or Skyward!! If you hate spoilers, KEEP AWAY O_O!!!!! But if you like them then please go ahead =3


April 21st, 2009, 7:01 pm


Pokemon: Rise is now under Hiatus as I start my (thought to be put off till later) comic, Pokemon: Skyward. It's the story before Rise ^^

Will post link soon so stay tuned! XD

Again, I'm really sorry to my fans! (If there are really anyone who likes this... T_T


March 31st, 2009, 2:16 am

OMG!! X3 I finally got the banner up thanks to Vye (I hope that's right), author of Just Gotta, Just Mewtwo, and Gotta Past!! XD THANK YOU!!!

New layout

March 31st, 2009, 12:32 am

GAH!! I'm trying to put the DPCA banner in here but I can't and somehow that led to changing the site T^T AUGH!!! HOW THE HELL DO I PUT THAT DAMN BANNER UP?!


March 28th, 2009, 11:39 pm

Well... More like help ^^"

The 2nd or 3rd chapter has a festival and I need help making some characters! They can either be fans (enter and I will let you know the characters your character can become a fan off ^^" (one of them is Saih)), a trainer that's there for battles or something else (they will go against Miles and friends), or a member of Team Rocket when they make their appearance!!

The rules are in the pages! Please check it out!! XD

Hey, if your character really interests me (and I mean REALLY cause I get interested easily) it could become a secondary character! XD

I think I will use all applicants (unless it becomes too much ^^") but there will only be a few that will be used most of the time ^^". Don't worry, I will credit EVERYONE who made a character!!! >.< I promise!!!

Thank you! ^^


March 20th, 2009, 5:27 pm


I had finished the 4th page (2 hours coloring and 1 hour adding words.) but my damn computer did something really weird so it was in some format where NOTHING could read it!! DX AUGH!!! All my work!! GONE!!! I only have the line art!! WAAAAAAAAH!!!

With that being said, updates will be even MORE late than I thought. Please be patient. (I will be writing the dialogue in the next chapter now!! -_-*)


March 11th, 2009, 5:26 am

Yay! I finally put the webcomic up! Just need to finish some of the pages before putting those up! XD

I'm looking forward to this! X3 Please do not be too harsh on me because I am a total newb on pokemon!

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